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Colour Matching Cabinet
Our Colour Matching Cabinet is widely in demand by renowned industries as it is used for the inspection of different types of colored materials such as textile, ink, paint, automotive and paper. Colour Matching Cabinet that we offer is known for its excellent testing performance, accuracy, sturdy construction, low maintenance and easy operation. Our Colour Matching Cabinet features easy-to-reset counter and is suitable for any kind of fabric.

Features :
Excellent Testing Performance
Synchronous Motor Speed
Easy to Reset Counter
Suitable for every kind of fabrics
Longer Service Life
The measurement process is automatically generates, scan and reports which can be printed.

Related Standards :
ISO 3664
ASTM D 1729
BS 950
DIN 6173
JIS Z 8723

Technical Specifications :
Cabinet is completely made of MS Sheet with interior paint matching with Mussel N7 neutral gray paint and exterior powder coating with metallic finish
Inclined viewing plate of 45o angle is supplied along with machine.
All tube lights are operated separately by Electronic Ballast for instant start, power saving and to prevent expensive tube lights.
Control panel is ergonomically designed for easy operation.
All tube lights are made in Holland or Thailand.
German make hour meter is used for totalizing uses of D-65 tube light

Light Source Type of light Color Temperature
D-65 Artificial Day Light 6500 K
CWF Cool White Fluorescent ( Office Lighting) 4150 K
TL-84 Triphospher Fluorescent Lamp ( Show room Light ) 4100 K
TL-83 Triphospher Fluorescent Lamp ( Show room light for European Buyers) 4100 K
UV Ultra Violet Light -
U-30 Ultra Lume Commercial Fluorescent ( For American Buyers) 3000 K
Tungsten Filament Incandescent Light 2300 K - 2800 K
U-35 American Narrow band Fluorescent 3500 K
Illuminant A Tungsten Filament Halogen Lamp 2856 K

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